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The best VIP escorts Prague has to offer are now at the VIP Escort Agency and you don’t have to be royalty to spend time with one of them. In the days of your, modern VIP call girls were known as courtesans and they catered only to kings and the most powerful nobles. Back then, everybody who was somebody had a courtesan of their own. She was a mistress, a spy and a pretty powerful person herself.
The high class courtesans of old used their intelligence and charms to enrapture the most powerful kings and queens. Back then, noble people were usually trapped in loveless arranged marriages. They would do so for power, wealth and influence, but the people they loved being with the most were their courtesans. There are parallels with these situations in the modern world, where lots of couples stay together even though the love and attraction are long gone or were never there. Many of us stay together for the kids, while others do it for political or career reasons. But whatever your reasons may be, you deserve to be happy. You deserve to have someone next to you who will care for you and who will make you feel like a king. You deserve to have someone close to you who will always make sure that your needs are satisfied. You deserve to have someone with which you have things in common and who loves getting into the things you like. You deserve to meet one of our Prague VIP escorts!